About the Makers

413_MiddletonDressCo    Middleton Dress Co. began from what, some would say, should have been the end. Owners, Sheryl Batten and Linda Lenzen, are past full retirement age but couldn’t fathom not being fully immersed in some sort of overwhelming and inspiring project. Having met three years ago, one said to the other “let’s be partners in an adventure that combines our dressmaking and business talents, drains both our bank accounts and completely consumes our every waking moment”….thus was born the Middleton Dress Co.

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Sheryl Batten brings 50 years of business, interior design and retail experience to MDC.  She has owned several businesses but, perhaps, is best known for her shop BODACIOUS BOUTIQUE located on Monroe Street from 2001 to 2007. Sheryl (Brettingen) Batten moved to Middleton in 1955, graduated from Middleton High School, majored in Business Retailing at the University of Wisconsin, and currently lives with her husband, Bill, in Middleton.

Linda Lenzen brings 50 years of designing, redesigning, construction and altering garments of all kinds to MDC. She has the talent to make any garment fit correctly and look great. A registered nurse for over 28 years and an avid ballroom dancer, she enjoys working and catering to people from all walks of life. Linda lives in Middleton with her husband, Allen.

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